Welcome to Rio Santa Cruz Grassfed Beef

Our farm on the Santa Cruz River near the US-Mexico border uses the Argentine beef finishing system based on a chain of annual forages crafted for the climate and soils of Santa Cruz County.

Our calves are born on our ranch in the uplands of the Santa Cruz River. At weaning, they are moved 6 miles to our finishing farm on the Santa Cruz River. Here they live peacefully and naturally on forages sustained by irrigation and summer rains.

Our cattle live a low stress, high quality life. There are no dogs, horses, whips, or ropes on our farm. We are the antithesis of industrial agriculture. Our equipment is simple: disc, harrow, tractor, mower, and broadcaster.

We are confident you will appreciate our holistic approach to cattle raising.

Many people have asked us why our meat isn’t available all the time. The reasons for this are simple:
1. We are a small, start-up business
2. Our meat is SEASONAL.

We currently have meat available for purchase on a first-come, first-served basis.

Traditionally, all meat was seasonal: spring lamb, late spring beef, fall pork. This changed with increased dependence on fossil fuel and feed lots.

Our beef does not come from a feed lot. It comes from a lifetime of grazing green, leafy forages. This is what gives our grassfed beef the health, flavor and tenderness that distinguish it from other grassfed beef. Check out this article to read more on the nutritional benefits of grassfed beef.

Thank you for your interest and your patience.